ACM Panels

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Panels are the perfect solution for various building and construction applications, such as wall claddings, signage, interior elements, and more. AmericanPanels uses only certified and fully tested components and cutting edge machinery to achieve our project goals. ACM Panels provide the amazing flexibility and strength required for modern designs and other challenging projects.

Multiple installation techniques can be used for exterior wall cladding. AmericanPanels can supply both shaped panels and the appropriate pre-cut mounting system.
Wet-seal, dry-seal, and rain-screen wall systems are available to fit each project’s specific needs.
AmericanPanels proudly represents the top component suppliers in the USA, and offers the best prices in the market.

American Panels is proud to represent the best component suppliers in the USA offering best prices in the market.

Aluminum Composite Panel ACM Composition

Coil Coated 3105 h24 Alloy aluminum

Polyethylene (PE) or mineral filled Fire Retardant (FR) extruded Core


Three panel mounting solutions are available. American Panels can provide a full set of components needed for any project.

Wet Seal System WSAP


The WSAP system is designed to be completely water-tight. The exposed silicone layer provides a more “solid” look for the building’s exterior facade. Different colors of caulk can be chosen from our color palette.

Dry Gasket System DGAP


The DGAP system is considered water-tight due to the hard rubber gasket placed in the U-Channel. It is a very appealing look from a design stand point.

Rainscreen pressure equalized system RPEAP


The RPEAP system is the most cost-effective and popular solution. This pressure-equalized system uses a reveal inset strip to create an interesting and three-dimensional look. The strip can be cut from matching or contrast colors, depending on your design choice.

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